Eibby's Sketchbook

I'll share a secret, but you have to keep it to yourself.


You've seen the green pixie on my homepage? Her name is Nissa.

She’s a puki, a tiny bug-like creature who, with her swarm, can control time. She may look sweet, but she’s a little powerhouse out for revenge. Dangerous.


Nissa comes from a magical place, hidden from our modern world, called Norðrlönd. The landmass exists, invisible, somewhere out in the Norwegian Sea.

I've used the myths and legends about it as a basis for my novel. Unfortunately, I'm not the only one talking about it. Eibby claims to have actually gone to Norðrlönd.


Eibby Laux carries around a tatty green sketchbook. Takes it everywhere to record what she sees.

I've heard she has photos on her phone, but no one has ever seen those. So, as proof that she's actually been to Norðrlönd, Eibby has posted pages of her sketchbook online.


This book is full of all the things you aren't supposed to know. If you click, it will take you to Eibby's website. If you decide to read it . . . please use what you learn wisely. Every time a non-magic outsider discovers the truth about Norðrlönd another thread in the fragile divide, which separates our two worlds, breaks.

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